Sweat Quote of the Day

When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top
Author Unknown

                    On every journey to the top of your mountain, there may be slips. There will be rough grounds, unpredictable weather, and even some scary and threatening situations. But just think, is all of this mess worth getting to the top? That is a question that only you will know the true answer. Should it be ‘yes’, which I promise is worth it, you will carry on and overcome any struggles that come your way to make sure you get to the top of the mountain. There is satisfaction, strength, power and relaxation at the top of that mountain and its your time to soak it in. Now, you cant stay on that mountain forever, so consider your options. You could go back down and be back where you started, or you can take a leap of faith, grab your parachute, and jump to your new life. You must trust that that your hard work will stay with you and lead you to your new and improved life.

Taylor Chapman- Trainer, Dietary Counselor

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