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The most efficient leg exercise there is. You can do them walking or standing in place. No weights are required and it will not take long for you to start feeling the burn.

These are excellent for building muscle in the quads and for improving balance, and like the lunges no weights are required.

An excellent movement for the building of hamstrings, however form is key so the stress is on your hamstrings and not your lower back. Keep your head up, shoulders back and back flat throughout the movement.

Good for the pectoralis major, shoulders and arms.  One of the many pros of using dumbbells is you do not need a spot or a partner; they also help to build balance and coordination. This all means more work per repetition is done, which equates to a greater calorie burn.

This hit the pectoralis major; it is more of a stretching motion than a pressing motion, you should feel it almost immediately.

This gets the deltoids (anterior, middle, and posterior deltoid)

Hands behind your head while squatting as deep as possible, while keeping entire foot on the ground. Make sure you push though the heels and don’t go up on your toes, which will keep stress and pressure off your knees.

Pulling your chest to the bar works the back, shoulders, and arms. Just remember to keep your chest out through out the exercise and this in turn will make sure all of the stress is on the large back muscles, namely the Latissimus Dorsi.

Hands down, this is the best overall exercise working you from your head to toe. It aids in coordination, strength, stability, and explosiveness, as well as sculpting the entire body.

Get your abs from top to bottom- upper, lower, middle and obliques.

Raise your hands and feet to meet in the middle, make sure to keep arms and legs straight to get the most out of this exercise. Also when your hands and feet meet above you curve your body upward so only a small portion of your mid- back remains on the floor.

This exercise will isolate the obliques on each side, which will quickly tighten up your waist. Do 20 repetitions on each side.

Keep your stomach tight and hold yourself in a bridge between your forearms and toes maintain a straight line, while doing this do not let your hips sag. Try to stay still for as long as possible.

Bend over into about 85 degree angle with a dumbbell in each hand and pull your arms to your chest while maintaining a straight back., this works the latissimus dorsi and the deltoids, At the end of the exercise squeeze your shoulder blades together and this will improve your posture all day long.

Excellent and can be done anywhere. They build balance, strength, and stamina. Do 15-20, your legs will burn and it will really get your heart rate going.

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