Evan E. Settle V
1519 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220


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Shortly after turning 40 I found myself in the worst shape of my life. I was weighing 280, was finding it difficult to climb stairs, move around, and was in a general depression. I started walking and was able to loose 6 pounds on my own. However, I had tried to loose weight and get back to being active several times before. I knew I needed help to keep me focused and motivated. That's when I found Sweat. I was initially drawn to Sweat after reading about Evan's personal story. I have stayed with Sweat because Evan is great trainer! He challenge me, push me, motivate me and keep me focused on my long term goal. Since having started with them, I have lost an additional 60 pounds! I feel energized and able to live life - not just exist. I have 25 more to go before I reach my goal weight. After which, I'll be continuing to work with Evan to learn how to maintain and set other personal goals.

–J. Martin


I decided I needed personal training when I knew just going to the gym wasn't enough. I am a 36 year old stay at home mom, and still had post pregnancy fat from my daughter who is now 3!!!! Training with Evan is the toughest and best workout I have ever done in my life. He is personally committed to seeing that I reach my fitness goals. He provides guidance and encouragement that I have never received anywhere else. My overall strength and energy level has increased greatly. Evan is there to push me to my limits, and everyday I see changes in my body. I have lost 11 pounds in 2 months and have gone from a size 10 to a size 6. my only regret is not doing this sooner!

–A. Martin

jumpI had been a member of the gym for over a year when one of my close friends told me about her awesome experience with Evan @ Sweat. Prior to working with Evan I could count the number of times Iíd been to the gym during my first yearís membership on 2 hands. Iíd started out pretty good, but then slowly started to give up on myself because I had no idea what to do, or how to do it, to get myself back to the point where I wanted to be. On top of that, I have scoliosis and knee problems, and I was afraid of doing an exercise improperly, and risking serious injury. I was super depressed. I emailed Evan, signed up for 10 sessions and started that same week. I currently have 4 sessions to go, and Iíve already lost 6 pounds, AND my negative attitude! His program has helped me in so many ways. His workout regime not only includes exercise, but a healthy eating schedule as well. He works with me to achieve MY personal goals, and he continually checks my progress to make sure Iím on track. Iím getting married in November, and Iíve already achieved such great results Ė I canít imagine what Iíll look like in 9 months!

–Lindsey H.

I am a 52-year-old male and have been a client at Sweat LLC since February of 2009. There are no shortcuts! Sweat LLC unlocked the potential for me to improve my health, strength and overall appearance. I have dropped from a 36 to a 32-pant size and lost 30 lbs. Each session is fast-paced, creative and challenging. The staff motivates me to reach levels that I never thought I could attain. After being a member of three gyms with minimal and sporadic results, I have found success with Sweat! Sweat LLC has changed my life.

–M. Smith

I am a 24-year-old female hat started at Sweat LLC weighing 132lbs. In the first Month of working out at Sweat LLC I have lost 4 lbs. and 3 inches of my hips, an inch off my waist, and 1.5 inches off of my thigh. Sweat LLC is a second to none workout experience. From day one, you can feel and see the results of Evan’s workouts. As someone who has tried the “mega-gym” experience for years, and who has used multiple personal trainers — this is by far the best return I have ever received on my investment. The workouts are customized, the facility is state of the art, and the results are amazing. If you are looking to achieve goals and take your body to the next level you’ve come to the right place!

–P. Valentine

This is no ordinary gym experience. The high ceilings and exposed brick make if feel more like a spa. At my old gym it took forever to get a good workout in because I had wait for equipment and dodge the other people. At Sweat there’s no standing around.  In each session Evan pushes me to the limit, the workout is intense and I always leave feeling like I made the most of my hour.

–B. Marshall